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LudoTIC specializes in user-centered design of digital interfaces. The “human factors” approach, our experimental research methodology, and our expertise in eye tracking are all guarantees of the quality of our work. Since its creation in 2004, LudoTIC realized more than 300 projects in France and abroad.

LudoTIC performed their mission to perfection, accomplishing all of the objectives: transfer skills for assessing the usability of our interfaces and analyze eye movements. LudoTIC also managed to perfectly integrate and improve our internal methods.

Julien KahnUsability ManagerOrange

It’s a real pleasure to work with the people from LudoTIC. They know how handle the delicate balance between best-practices in terms of usability and the functional and technical constraints of our business!
Their good humor and dedication are an added bonus for reaching the objectives and respecting deadlines.

Julien BonnelProduct ManagerLaser Symag

LudoTIC helped us identify what we needed to do to optimize our interfaces. They gave us a UI whitepaper containing recommendations that we then forwarded to all TUS employees. We also started saving time during the development phase of our applications.

Iann Le BrisHead of the Naval Strategy DivisionThales Underwater System

We implemented almost all of LudoTIC’s recommendations and have significantly increased our conversion rate.
We are very happy with our collaboration, not just with LudoTIC’s expertise and the quality of their services, but also their good humor and professionalism.

Frederic FallettaCustomer Experience ManagerGenerali

The efficient and very professional support from LudoTIC, their expertise of usability assessment tools and their skill at web project management helped us create a redesigned portal that is efficient, easy to use, and greatly appreciated by the university community. Everybody agrees: finally a portal that meets our needs!

Magalie PrudonSCD AdministratorUniversity of Nice Sophia Antipolis
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